Research and development
for business

MSDK Research is a Bulgarian company aimed at bringing high-tech data-science solutions to the market. Established by two industry-experienced data scientists with high expertise in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, it focuses mainly on machine vision solutions, bringing together the mathematical basis, high-performance software development and efficient hardware. The process is conjugated with careful business-analytics, which helps to understand how can the user needs be addressed by the new technologies with minimal technological risks.

The vision of the company is to create innovative products that require extensive research and high software development skills. The company aims to focus on the development of products with Data Science-related key features, as well as conducting research projects for consultancy. Special attention is paid to the Computer Vision direction, which is a key expertise of the core team of the company.


Founder · Computer Vision Expert

Founder · Data Scientist · Software Engineer





8800, Sliven,

Petko Karavelov street,

23, apt. 1